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Royal Mail Freepost Address
The Festival has used a freepost address for many years, to enable participants to contact us with ease. Unfortunately Heritage Lincolnshire has recently been experiencing problems with its freepost service. We now understand that this has resulted in a number of post items being returned to sender.
We are currently addressing this issue with Royal Mail, but realise this will have caused inconvenience (with possible financial implications) to a small number of our supporters.

We apologise to anyone who has been affected by this. If this is the case, please do contact our office on 01529 461499 so that we can resolve the issue with you.
The 11th Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival has just taken place (16 - 31 May 2015).
We will update the website with news about the event, but please bear with us while we take a short break!
In the meantime you might like to go to southlincswalking.com to find out more about our sister festival in south Lincolnshire, which launches on 25 September 2015







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